§ 54.1-3806.1. Disclosure forms required. Any animal medical care facility in the Commonwealth, excluding those facilities dealing with livestock, as defined in § 3.796.66, which does not provide continuous medical care for all animals left in its charge shall, before taking charge of an animal, provide the client or agent thereof with a disclosure form which specifies the hours and days when continuous medical care is not available at the facility. Except in emergency situations when time or circumstances do not permit, such facilities may take charge of an animal only after the client or agent thereof has signed the disclosure form and returned it to the facility. Signed disclosure forms shall be kept on file by all such facilities.


(Please read carefully before signing)

Pouncey Tract Veterinary hospital has business and medical staffing hours as follows:

Monday through Friday 7:30AM to 5:30PM Saturday 7:30AM-11:30AM

Closed on Sundays and Major Holidays
Continuous staffing is not provided during the hours this facility is closed.

Patients requiring continuous monitoring and medication treatment (i.e., intensive care) at times of non- continuous staffing by this facility can be transferred by the owner or their legal agent to a licensed veterinary emergency and medical center, where after hours staffing is provided. Any expenses incurred at that hospital will be the responsibility of the owner.

For the safety of your pet, this hospital is protected by a continuously monitored fire detection and sprinkler system that immediately notifies the local fire department.